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Astrological services

  • Birth Chart
  • Progressions & Transits
  • Solar Return
  • Babies, Children and Teenagers Birth Charts
  • Moon birth analysis and its Progression
  • Vocational /work guide
  • Balance your energies through Astrology & More…

 Prices Vary depending on the type of chart.

* Personalised report - Price starts from $ 50.00 AUD

Beautifully Presented & Bound and includes an interview

Imagen Carta Natal - Copyright Stellium Light

Birth Chart:The Astrological Birth Chart Analysis describes your personality, motivations, emotions and feelings with special focus on your talents, potential, strengths and awareness of your weaknesses to help you to meet your goals and purpose in life. Also in this report I guide you with diet tips, home decoration tips, and suggested activities and sports to balance your energies. A one to one interview is also available at additional cost.

Even though our Birth Chart is always our core of energies, if you have moved to Australia, the analysis of the relocation of the planets in the new city of residence allows us to identify how the planets are positioned in this new Place to use the potential of these energies and take advantage of opportunities. This analysis also includes an Astro-cartography map of the new Place you are living in, to see the angular energies of the planet line.

Imagen Revolucion Solar - Copyright Stellium Light

A year ahead opportunities: As the sky is in a constant movement, the Analysis of current relevant Transits in relation with your Birth Chart tells us what opportunities the planets brings for you to take advantage of it. Also this analysis includes Progressions of Sun and Moon including its phase or any personal planet progression (Mercury, Venus and Mars) to explain why you are motivated to take action to do something related to an specific area of your life during the year ahead.; Write to me at my email to advise you on your future.

Imagen Revolucion Solar - Copyright Stellium Light

Solar Return is a predictive Astrological tool that tells you the direction and opportunities offered by the aspects of the planets on your birthday.  Every birthday the Sun returns to the same place as when you were born. Every Planet represents some function of our personality. Planets Return Analysis gives us more information about the vibration of the year and the best time to make decisions related to our love, work, travel, start a business, launch a product, purchase a house and move. If you want to know the opportunities for your year ahead request this service sending an email to

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Moon birth analysis and its Progression The Moon birth analysis will give you insight into your moon sign, intentions for the moon sign according to the position in your birth chart and moon phase to tune into your emotions. The analysis includes Natal Moon sign, Natal Moon area in your birth chart and Natal Moon phase to deepen your understanding of your emotions.

Moon’s progression: Astrology is not static and the Moon changes (progresses) through our chart. In this analysis you will get insightful guidance of your current emotional needs and where to give attention to areas of your life to nurture yourself.

Based on the sign and the phase of the moon in your birth chart you will be able to find which days in the month you feel more sensitive so that you can pamper yourself and what are your best energy days. The Moon represents our emotional nature and security needs, our need to be nurtured and our intuition. By understanding our moon energies we can connect to our emotions and understand ourselves on a new level.

Send an email to requesting this service.

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The Astrology analysis of Babies, Children and Teenagers Birth Charts based on time, date and place of where they were born, guide parents to boost their children’s potential, skills and strengths, also being aware of their weaknesses to nurture their needs, choosing best activities and sports for their soul. Balance energies and create and harmonious living space for your little star!. What better gift for this information send an email to

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Stellium Light offers the service of healing your home balance your energies through Astrology and its Elements: using astrological tools I will research and help you to understand better the energies of the planets on your Birth Chart, and if you are lacking of any fire, earth, air or water elements, I guide you with recommendations of crystals, colour and decoration tips work better to introduce that element in your life and balance your energies. To organize a consultation to request this service send an email to