How to contact us

If you are interested in a consultation contact us at:

ABN 67 375 594 647


Phone: 0438 131 629



What can I expect from my astrology analysis?

I will write a personalised report for you to keep and read to have a better understanding of your personality, your present and opportunities according to the astrological services you have requested. It guides you to deal with events and understand your purpose in life.

If you would like to have an interview it will have an additional cost per hour.

All inquiries required the information listed below:

1.- Date of Birth: day, month and year

2.- Place of Birth: Town and Country

3.- Time of Birth

4.- Also please indicate where you celebrated your birthday or where are you planning to celebrate it to be able to analyse your Solar Return.


Note: Remember Astrology is not magic, it studies the stars energies and if you are looking for specific guidance, asking for it in advance when you request the astrological service will be beneficial to be able to address it in the analysis.

This is your experience, and your opportunity to talk about you. Astrology is based upon a meaningful dialogue between you, the astrologer and your chart. Therefore, you are encouraged to be open about why you are seeking assistance and what you would like to achieve.

Once you have sent us your email. You will receive a reply during the next 48 hours with information for the date of your consultation, the cost and payment form.

****You are in charge of your consultation experience. Confidentiality is assured****.