Moon Calendar 2017,Tailored for times in Australia. Now in its 3rd edition.

Price$ 60.00 AUD (includes Calendar, Personalisation Kit & postage within Australia)

2017 Moon Calendar
2017 Moon Calendar

This year the Moon Calendar 2017 goes beyond the Moon with 12 original artworks to follow the dance between Mars and Venus under the Moon light every month to warm your relationships. Features romantic quotes and best romance days + best weekends monthly for you to love in 2017.

Prepare yourself and manage your days with the Moon:

  • Plant your intentions under New Moon guidance and charge your energies with the full Moon each month.

  • Insights for First Quarter Moon to Take Action! for your intentions to blossom.

  • Intuitive quotes to reflect on Last Quarter Moon to close the Lunar cycle and receive positive learnings to initiate a new cycle from another angle.

  • New Moon and Full Moon tips plus how to prepare your New Moon Vision Board and how to nurture with the Moon through the Zodiac.

  • Mercury in retrograde periods to review projects, planetary energy highlights to choose collective best days, impact of eclipses and guidance to connect with the Universe: “As above, So below”.

  • PERSONALISE your calendar with emotional stickers to know your best days and those days that bring challenges.PLUS new stickers to know best days to work with IDEAS and when to NEGOTIOATE TO BE YOUR BEST.

    Personalisation kit includes:

  • Birth chart snapshot when you provide your date, time and place of birth.

  • 20 minute Skype session.

  • Instructions on how to personalise the Moon Calendar 2017 with emotional reaction stickers.

  • 2 sheets of Emotional Reactions Stickers to map your emotions with the Moon travelling through the Zodiac.

  • Mercury in retrograde periods to review ideas & projects.

  • Venus collective energy periods through the Zodiac for best Romantic days Calendar book mark.

  • Price$ 50.00 AUD Special Event Price: Calendar incl. Personalisation Kit

    Price$ 40.00 AUD Special Event Price: Calendar excl. Personalisation Kit